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The study of form, balance and creating have always been part of the background and career of Miriam Nori. After graduating in architecture in Rome and pursue the profession of architect, the first approach to the field of design and fashion Miriam  has when designing some stores sales. From there it is a short step: a change wanted, perhaps visceral, to give free rein to an art, to create jewelry,  more immediate, fast and with a focus much more oriented to the matter and the micro size. Follow a short distance important partnerships - that last to this day - with designers and brands in the fashion industry.

The proposal of a new aesthetic of contemporary jewelry

The vision and the courage to go beyond the artistic canons traditionally offered in the world of jewelery. This is the philosophy and conceptual art of Miriam Nori. Imagine, create, love "jewels-sculpture" different; fast, material, imperfect.

 But at the same time able to dilate over time, fluids and elegant. Gold contrasting bronze. To shine pure oxidation. Instantly perfect in that created the jewel, the juxtaposition of the patina of time that evolves the concept of beauty.


Matter that enters in symbiosis

The creations of Miriam Nori could not take shape if not through the use of matter that has always been the favorite sculptors. The circular bronze creates a bond between the artist, the matter itself, time and the person who wears it. The artist with his speech emphasizes the beauty of the forms suggested by the bronze; l 'imagine, the plasma, will "sweep" the character. The woman, entering into symbiosis with the matter through its own physical characteristics, the suitable if in a 'continuous evolution. That’s why the transformation from living material contact - skin are absolutely added value sought since the creative concept.


The creative vision, the craftsmanship, the bond with the territory

Everything happens in Italy, more precisely in Umbria, the region from the artistic and historic value of the most important in the world. 


The atelier of Miriam Nori "breathes" the avant-garde character of the campus in which it is immersed; an energy that is in the air that feeds new creative visions preparing new collections of jewelry in bronze. The workshop production is displaced within the same area of Terni to the point that th art of Miriam Nori can be defined for all purposes as "an art fast zero km".


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