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In 2002, a groundbreaking diagnosis concept was designed, shaped around the newly introduced pin-device, which can simultaneously run various analysis in delocalized areas, under the affirmation of the principle of the universal right to have access to diagnosis.

In 2018, Alessandra Mazzeo – biologist, teacher at University of Molise and 1st inventor of the above said patents, of which US 7510687 patent is in force – and the artist and designer Lucia Petracca started their collaboration: pin-device oversteps the boundaries of scientific technology to trespass into the field of art and design. Here, its shape preserves both its innate ductility to adapt to the artist’s hand and its peculiar combination of simplicity and functionality reflected into the design objects that reinterpret and give echo to the universal aim under which it was forged.

In particular, the creators translated the forms of the US 7510687 patent into jewellery creations, creating the PIN-DEVICE pieces and the related trademark.

In particular, the creators have translated the forms of the US7510687 patent into the field of jewelry, creating PIN-DEVICE jewels and fashion accessories and registering the brand.

PIN-DEVICE JEWELS are distinguished by their strong character, in which the cold geometry of the two-dimensional laser-cut metal surfaces. It is emphasized by the three-dimensionality of the different pins that stand out orthogonally to the bases in the PIN-DEVICE RING and BRACELET and the interchangeability of the pins gives flexibility and a customized effect.

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PIN DEVICE di Lucia Petracca e Alessandra Mazzeo #Mother's Day

MOTHER'S DAY COLLECTION. LOVE collezione #VERTICALTING | Gold Plated Ring. Laser cut.

PIN DEVICE #befashionandjewels

Geometries, color, transformability, irony!

PIN DEVICE #befashionandjewels

Geometries, color, transformability, irony!

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