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Palladino Design Jewerly. Jewelery and fashion accessories dedicated to the woman in her totality.
Palladino-art has always been a company in high craftsmanship. It integrates the most refined design with a completely handmade workmanship to create exclusive objects, requested by a small circle of people. Jewels that seem alive to touch and the pleasure of wearing. DOING GOOD AND BETTER is Maestro Palladino's MUST. Antonio Palladino, Neapolitan artist but by adoption from Arezzo, customizes Rings, Colliers, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Charms, Brooches, Jewelry Accessories and much more in different designs and materials. Each piece we create is meant to be appreciated, admired and worn with pride. Perforated products in diamond and rhodium-plated bronze such as Sarpente, Dog, Cat, Frog, Tiger, Puma, Dragon, Starfish, Medusa, Crocodile, Fish, Crab, Octopus, Butterfly, Elephant, Scorpion, Bear, Teddy bears etc ...
The first brand of Original Quality Fashion

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PALLADINO DESIGN JEWELRY #befashionandjewels

Red Jewels "Afrodite" Diversity is Trendy

PALLADINO DESIGN JEWELRY #befashionandjewels

Made in Italy, Hand made and Tailor made

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