Galatina / Italy

Our bijoux are inspiration, passion, elegance. Chic is, fatto a mano is the story of two sisters, Francesca and Fiorella whose souls and passions have found shape in this project. In their handcrafted creations, the artistic, emotional and communicative side of Fiorella blends perfectly with the experience of Francesca, a goldsmith master for over thirty years. Chic is, fatto a mano has its roots in Lecce, a land that with its beauty and elegance has inspired and continues to inspire wonderful collections of handmade jewelry designed for elegant, strong women who want to feel beautiful at all times . The style of Chic is, handmade is a style that draws inspiration from nature, reworking its suggestions in a refined way. CHIC IS, handmade is a made in Italy brand that produces exclusively in Salento. Chic is, handmade believes in the traditions and value of craftsmanship. Salento craftsmanship has been able to keep its traditions alive despite the advent of modernity.

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CHIC IS Fatto a Mano #Mother's Day

MOTHER'S DAY COLLECTION. Beautiful and strong like a flower!

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